Passing Clouds | Concept

Passing clouds is a conceptual application for mobile phones and tablets. It is designed for people who have lost loved ones and carry an emotional burden of any sort. Those who don’t have anyone to talk to, or just rather not talk to anyone – but don’t want to bottle up everything inside. Passing clouds works as a diary of those thoughts and feelings you are not willing to share – but feel the need to express.  With passing clouds you can also choose to send them away into the atmosphere.

The application includes a message function, where messages can be saved or sent off, and a voice recording function. The written messages that are sent off appear on in real time, anonymously presented.  Anyone can see the messages, creating a ‘message in a bottle’ effect. 

The original concept/idea behind this project, based on the topic of death, was to explore an alternative outlet for the practices of grieving and commemoration. I wanted to create a form of emotional outlet using a digital platform, that gives people a tool and presents an opportunity to vent on a difficult topic.

2011 | Concept | Interface Design | UX & UI